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At least once in your life you needed to access your printer from a distance, right? You might urgently need to print a business contract, a photo for your passport… Or maybe a lovely picture of a blue jay that you spotted during a nice hiking trip.

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And the HP ePrint app seems to be a great tool and a perfect solution for any of those burdens, but only if you have a printing device manufactured by Hewlett-Packard.

Now let me explain how it works:

  • First, you buy an HP printer;
  • Then you get the Android app from the Google play as well as iOS app from the Apple Store and have the apk installed on your particular gadget. Don’t worry about any additional prices – both versions are free to get.
  • After that go to this place: and choose HP Mobile Printing,
  • There you can pick a device, which you want to connect to the HP Mobile Printing system – simply click on its name and all the necessary instructions will be provided to you,
  • Once this painless procedure is finished, you’ll be able to enjoy the wireless printing!

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The good thing is that HP ePrint has been designed as an app for all Android devices. It is also compatible with the iOS, Chrome OS, Amazon’s Fire Devices and Windows mobile platform. Yes, the variety is quite impressive as you can see. You may have an HP Elite Pad, any Android mobile device or iPhone/iPad – printing from any place on Earth will be available to you at a fingersnap!

Your printer will be automatically assigned a specific email address to which you can send “letters” with the attached files that you want to have put on paper. Such an e-address consists of random symbols. Luckily you can change it into something less convoluted, so it’d be easier to memorize.

The real buzzkill here is the limitations that the app has. You won’t be able to print anything larger than 5 megabytes, and only ten documents in a row can be accepted, even If their total size is way smaller than 5 MB.

Another nuisance that brought me a great deal of trouble (and anger) was the following: for some mysterious reason, it’s impossible to send through the application any photo bigger than 4 by 6 and keep its original format. It’s always smaller! Moreover the function “photo paper print” has been removed from the latest version.

As for the ergonomics of the app – well, yeah, it is pretty convenient I must say. And the printing process is a no-brainer at all – it consists only of three simple steps:

  • Choosing the picture/document you desire to print;
  • Pressing on the share-button;
  • Selecting the print-activity icon.

And voila! You can hear your printer smoothly humming (figuratively speaking, because at the moment you might be at another end of the world).

The colour pallet of the app is calm and smooth – it consists primarily of white and blue colours. The only notable eyesore, hands down, was the pop-up advertisements. By the way, you gotta be careful with the ads – often they interfere while you’re trying to send an item and may sabotage the whole thing.


  • Wide compatibility;
  • Free get;
  • Supports every major format from PDF to JPG.


  • The company will cancel the app soon – the latest update was the last one;
  • Only 4 by 6 photos can be printed correctly;
  • Localization includes only a couple of languages.

To sum it up HP ePrint might be a good decision for you if you own one of the HP printers. But beware: it will retire soon and its upcoming successor HP Smart will gain the lead.

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