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You might think this is just another recruit to the armada of VPN-services. But in truth, its apk has been got and installed about 50 million times worldwide – a remarkable success! I guess VPNs have been a sensitive subject for almost every one of us and the “hero” of our today’s review may not be a VPN-messiah, but at least a pretty sound solution.

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For: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
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We all know how a VPN works. Basically it “hides” your presence, by masking your IP. You may access a UK server while being in Japan and watch British shows like “Toast of London” online. The most popular VPN services strive to provide the users with as many servers as it’s only possible: from Uruguay to some obscure African republics.

However, in VPN Master’s case the number of countries is limited to:

  • France;
  • Germany;
  • Netherlands;
  • Singapore;
  • United Kingdom;
  • US.

A pretty humble list but it expands as soon as you insert a coin. The extra locations will include Germany, Canada, India, Japan, Russian Federation and South Korea.

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As for the rest, the app may boast of:

  • Privacy – no personal info will be gathered and no online activity of yours will be traced back to you,
  • There are no troublesome bandwidth limitations per session – use it all you want (enjoying the dizzy whirl of adds, in a meantime);
  • It won’t squeeze out of you any personal info – no e-mails, social network accounts, nicknames etc.

The biggest source of displeasure here, as with every free-to-use app, is the ubiquitous ads. Sometimes they really make you feel suffocated and if you’re an impatient person be warned: you may literally go berserk. Nonetheless, there is no problem that a couple of bucks wouldn’t solve: the VIP-upgrade will make the cursed, leech-like ads go.

Another serious bummer is that the torrents are not supported and you may even get banned for trying to access them while using the VPN Master.

And of course, one more unavoidable problem – the connection speed of the free version is quite disappointing. In the latest version European servers supply you with decent 15 MB/sec, meanwhile on American servers it’s only 10 MB/sec and in Singapore, it is tragic 4 MB/sec. The only way to remedy that situation is by unlocking the non-toll-free VIP status. Well, it’s a classic extortion marketing strategy, ladies and gentlemen.

Just as you launch the app on your smartphone or iPad there will a big, fat button “Go” – simply tap on it and your marvellous journey of anonymous navigation will commence, although you’ll have to wait in line a little bit.

What I really like about this app is its interface – it’s intuitive and as simple as a handful of peanuts. The app connects you to the less crowded server by default but you can choose a specific location in two taps if necessary.

The visuals of the applications are pretty smooth – I personally like the peaceful and serene combination of white and green and the icons clearly tell you what functions they perform. No rocket science thankfully.


  • No bandwidth limits;
  • Well-protected privacy;
  • Apk get is free;
  • Runs on both Android and iOS.


  • Too many annoying adds;
  • Low speed;
  • Limited number of locations;
  • Poorly works with Wi-Fi;
  • Overall performance increases after you make a subscription only.

As you can see VPN Master-Free does have some imperfections and weaknesses. But if you ask me, I know no other app for all Android devices (and iOS gadgets too) that offers you limitless bandwidth with no extra charge. It’s worth a shot.

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