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This is another tool that allows you to share your files, including media and archives. Although there’s a whole multitude of similar services, WeTransfer somehow managed to conquer hearts of millions of people: around 11 billion file-transfers have been performed as of 2018 through that application.

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For: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
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So let’s see how this app garnered for itself all that sweet success!

The mobile version of the app offers you 10 GB of free cloud storage space and you can share your files with approximately 20 contacts of yours. For a free-to-use app, it’s quite impressive, I should admit.

What I really enjoy about WeTransfer is how quickly it uploads your stuff. And at the same time, it allows you to get the shared data even more quickly: a 250 MB file will be got only in 3-4 seconds!

Well, it also depends on how fast the speed of your particular Internet-connection is. If you’re using Wi-Fi most of the time, then you’d better prepare to be patient like a Buddhist monk.

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After you’re done with uploading your files, the service will automatically generate get-links and send them to your friends via e-mail – they won’t even have to register to enjoy pictures of your last trip to Tijuana college graduation or anniversary!

Another great thing that the app must be proud of is its safety and privacy policy. The company’s HQ is located in the Netherlands, a country which has pretty strict laws on the protection of personal life. That means WeTransfer won’t try to figure out what is inside your digital “package”.

Also, everything you’ll send will be encrypted with 256-bit AES algorithm, making it next to impossible to hack your data – awesome! So if you want to send some top-classified info, like a new BMW-model blueprint, this app is your go-to.

But there’s one thing you should remember: if you want to make this app a part of your business routine, then you’d better resort to the PC-version of WeTransfer.

Now, what really got me confused for a sec was the absence of a big “upload” button. If you’re using this application for the first time, be warned – the adaptation might take you a while. But once you’re done with it, the controlling will go smoothly.

To avoid unnecessary and exhausting swiping, I’d personally recommend going to the gallery of your device or even DCIM-folder and simply pick all the pictures you want to transmit and then choose the WeTransfer to finally share the data.

You may also put your transfer on hold anytime you need and then resume it later whenever it is convenient for you, which is pretty cool. Moreover, the app is available on both Android mobile and iOS.

As for the aesthetics of the design – I’d lay you any odds you like it’s one of the most “good-looking” applications on the today’s market. Somehow its creators managed to combine laconic simplicity and gorgeous, stunning backgrounds. You’ll be able to enjoy one of the picturesque views while uploading the data to the cloud storage. Believe me, it looks so peaceful and so relaxing.


  • Your files can be shared quickly,
  • It offers a tremendous protection of your personal data,
  • It’s free of charge,
  • The design is visually pleasing.


  • Too many adds since it’s free,
  • The app mechanics require some adaptation,
  • Works slowly with Wi-Fi.

As our little investigation showed, WeTransfer has some impressive features that many of its rivals unfortunately lack. This is an app truly designed for your convenience and its huge loyal fan base is a living proof to that.

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