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Full Review of CamScanner (License)- Turn your Documents into Scan is not an official representative or the developer of this application. Copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners

King Midas turned everything he touched into gold. And INSTIG’s CamScanner turns your documents into high-class scans. It might prove to be very useful actually, because now and then we all need to have something scanned: a sick leave, a legal/business document, an extremely rare folio from the library…

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For: Android
Find it on: Google Play, iTunes

And according to the Google Play, the apk has been got more than 1 million times. Well, let’s see if it’s worth your attention.


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Become a critic

CamScanner is equipped with the “optical character recognition” system (OCR). That means that you may snap a picture of the text you need and have it processed through the application. A photo magically turns into words.

I’d like to applaud the developers for a broad set of helpful options, such as:

  • Resolution settings;
  • Flash regulation;
  • Deliberate documentation orientation;
  • Watermark option.

You can tweak each of these parameters manually but automation, to be honest, is fine too.
Moreover, the app allows you to upload your scans to cloud storage to share it with your colleagues/relatives/friends.

The bad thing is that it’s limited to only 200 MB, but for a fistful of dollars ($50 per year) you’ll be rewarded with:

  • Password protection – definitely a good thing to protect some extra-important data from leakage, anti-Assange option so to say;
  • 10 GB of your own cloud space, including compatibility with Evernote.

Pretty good perks for your honestly earned money, I must say. Especially if you have to work in a team on some crucially important project – for that purpose the service allows other people to leave commentaries on your scans.

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Furthermore, CamScanner is an indisputable champion among similar apps in terms of how fast things are done. Meanwhile, it may take other applications minutes and sometimes hours to process the text, CamScanner does the same in the blink of an eye! Although I gotta admit the accuracy of the result can be imprecise and you’ll have to edit it, which is yeah, kinda tiresome.

And the last, although a small but still handy bonus – the app can scan QRs and business cards. But remember: it doesn’t know how to scan phone numbers or emails.

Ease of Use

The work process in the app is simply a charm:

  • You take a photo;
  • Command the app to do its wizardry on it;
  • Rename and tag it – “Cool lemon cupcake recipe”;
  • Save and distribute it.

Additionally, your Android/iOS smartphone will be synchronized with your computer and other mobile devices – making changes or providing comments becomes much easier.

Although it is known that the app has some annoying bugs too. One of them is the exclusively clockwise rotation of the processed scans. So if you need a counter-clockwise rotation it might be a slight nuisance.

Another shortcoming is that the OCR of the app supports a limited number of languages. Anyway, I hope that the INSTIG team will fix it in the next update.


The mechanics of the app are smooth and ergonomic. I have noticed no flaws. The interface is laconic, intuitive and super easy to master. I really couldn’t find any faults.


  • Works very speedily;
  • Provides good visual quality;
  • Easy to use;
  • Apk get is free and you won’t suffer from ads;
  • It has a wide set of useful options;
  • It’s great for collaborations;
  • Supports PDF and JPEG.


  • Free version offers only 200 MB of cloud space;
  • Paid version costs from $50 to $70;
  • Scans may suffer from inaccuracy.

This app still needs some improvement but it’s an ideal solution for those people, who need a decent scanner on the go.

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