Sparkin Apps | Full Review of MEGA – Alpha and Omega in the online storage game?
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Full Review of MEGA – Alpha and Omega in the online storage game? is not an official representative or the developer of this application. Copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners

Have you ever had this paranoid feeling that your private data stored/transferred online might leak? And fall into the hands of someone unscrupulous? In case you have, we are happy to tell you good news: MEGA is specialized in providing cloud storage services with the maximum level of privacy protection.

It’s been launched by the notorious hacker/E-entrepreneur Kid Dotcom, whose previous creation MegaUpload got “demolished” by the FBI in 2013.

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Basically MEGA is a clone of Dropbox. It allows you to share individual files/folders with your family, friends and colleagues and also keep your data online safely, should something happen to your physical hard drive.

It uses highly sophisticated data encryption algorithms and according to the company’s official website – their central marketing gimmick is the “zero-knowledge policy”. It means your files won’t be additionally processed, viewed or investigated by a third party. There’s only you and the recipient in the MEGA universe.

And did I mention that the company is headquartered in New Zealand? This country’s legislation is petty strict about intervention in people’s private biz that’s why you can exhale and feel safe from the possible espionage.

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But the real triumph of this app is the free cloud space it provides you, as soon as you have it installed. As the company boastfully states, their 50 GB free space bonus is unprecedented in the whole industry. Well it’s true these guys deserve some praise on this, I know no other company that could brag about such a generosity.

As for synchronization, well it’s marvellous! You can edit, rename and reorder your files through the application and changes will be observable everywhere: on desktops, other mobile devices etc.

But as you know there’s always a fly in the ointment and in MEGA’s case it’s a whole swarm of those nasty little insects.

The first shortcoming that I need to warn you about may easily put you into a berserk mode. It sounds absurd, but you can’t put your transfer on hold and then continue it safely.

Due to some perplexing reasons a paused file, after being resumed becomes corrupt and you have to cancel it and start the whole thing anew. I discovered that drawback accidentally: I ran out of traffic while trying to send a 100 MB archive. Make sure you won’t exceed your traffic limits or lose connection when sending something via MEGA.

Another substantial drawback is the operational speed. As long as you keep the data size lower than 25 MB you’ll be fine. But once you overstep this threshold – the app will hit the brakes.
And the last thing I do not appreciate is the lack of sensible customer support: no hot-lines, no live service-chats no nothing! Except for a short FAQ and MEGA’s e-mail which is as fast as a shell-shocked slug.

Ease of Use

Nothing brain-twisting here, folks. It’s just a regular, intuitive red & white interface, which reminded me of a strawberry smoothie. Mechanics are easy to master – a couple of taps/swipes and you’re done.


  • Well-protected privacy;
  • Free 50 GB of cloud storage space;
  • It’s free to get;
  • Documents can be previewed online in a PDF format;
  • It’s available for all Android mobile devices as well as for iOS gadgets;
  • It has an embedded encrypted messenger – a cool tool.


  • It works slowly;
  • Client support doesn’t exist;
  • Pause-resume option can’t be used.


So, if you need an app to transfer some top-classified business info, then MEGA is your go-to. But it still needs a ton of improvements, and I personally prefer WeTransfer.

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