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Every major corporation tends to be omnipresent, chasing the dream of supreme overlordship. We’ve seen Microsoft producing a smartphone, Zune – the iPod killer, a video game console and don’t get me even started on discussing what they did to Skype (monsters).

Microsoft OneDrive is another service (including a mobile application) specialized in data cloud storage. It’s been around for quite a time, and people knew it by the names of “SkyDrive”, “Live Mesh”,” and many others until the egg-headed smart guys from the marketing division retitled I as OneDrive.

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Basically, it’s a classic cloud storage/syncing service, which allows its users to:

  • Stream music files in a live broadcast;
  • Store and share individual files/entire folders;
  • Do collaborations and some projects;
  • Edit documents in real-time regime;
  • Search for particular files using Cortana.

Once you install the app and sign up, you’ll receive 5 GB of free cloud space as a token of appreciation (it used to be 15 GB, you misers). You can increase that amount by:

  • Being a loyal service customer for a long time – since 2012 to be precise. It gives you + 10GB;
  • Using Office 365 – almost 7 dollars a month will grant you +1 TB;
  • If you subscribe to OneDrive, giving them almost 2 bucks monthly – +50 GB;
  • Buying a Microsoft tablet – +1 TB;
  • You can compare it to Apple’s iCloud – 1 GB, 2 GB from Dropbox and 50 GB kindly provided by MEGA.

Like any other cloud app, it allows you to upload photos/videos instantaneously through the camera roll. By the way, all the imagery is georegistered.

Sharing process offers no groundbreaking techniques, it’s all the same: you generate a link and send it to the recipient via e-mail, Facebook etc. The link may have certain restrictions if you don’t want the files to be edited by someone else.

Synchronization works well, I couldn’t find any serious faults. Everything you upload to the cloud space or put in your desktop folder becomes automatically accessible everywhere.

The one thing I found enjoyable is that you can utilize an impressive variety of online applications, such as PowerPoint and Excel to create documents for your needs.
Call me old-fashioned, but the Microsoft Office is the best software in existence for the digital paperwork. And of course, any documentation you create will be synced by default. The only bummer with this feature is the lack of editing options. It’s quite disappointing.

And what kept me puzzled all the time is the fact that you cannot transfer a file from one folder to another in the mobile app version. Why, Microsoft, why…

The last advantage I’d like to mention: OneDrive seamlessly runs on a wide variety of platforms: Android, iOS (including Apple Watch), BlackBerry and it’s embedded into Windows Mobile by default.

Ease of use

Although I’ve never been a fan of Microsoft’s design solution (I wonder if such fans even exist), I must admit: the OneDrive interface is quite user-friendly and even gorgeous. It looks elegant and consists of good old tiles that include such categories as Pictures, Documents, Screenshots and others.


  • The apk get is free;
  • Wide compatibility;
  • Synchronization works like a charm;
  • Microsoft Office online apps are available.


  • 5 GB of free space only;
  • Documents cannot be edited;
  • Files can’t be transferred from one folder to another.


With the myriad of supported platforms, the Office online apps and smooth synchronization OneDrive is the only service that can compete with Dropbox and Google Drive on equal terms. Bravo.

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