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OnStar RemoteLink – Dude, where is your ride?

Imagine if you had your personal valet who would’ve been responsible for:

  • Warming your car engine up;
  • Making sure the temperature inside was normal;
  • Helping you locate your vehicle in a crowded parking lot;
  • Preventing it from being stolen, etc.

Well, brace yourself: you’re not getting a personal auto-servant, but instead a state-of-art mobile application with a client-support center available 24/7.

It’s been developed by OnStar company, that has an impressive 20-year-long experience of providing driver-assistance services to car lovers throughout the world.

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For: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
Find it on: Google Play, iTunes


OnStar RemoteLink isn’t merely an app – it’s a whole system designed to provide you with safety and convenience. And I gotta admit it does a celestial job!

It gives you access to such functions as:

Vehicle location – I guess any of us could relate to this problem: it’s so easy to forget where you parked your car, especially near such monstrous places like sports arenas or mammoth-like malls. Its accuracy is impressive, and if you fail to spot your vehicle due to poor visibility (thick fog, a very dark night), the app will make it honk and flash the lights. I recommend installing “La Cucaracha” horn for fun and amusement.

Remote start – a handy feature but there’s something you must know about it:

  • It doesn’t work when the car is in a garage – the roof blocks the antenna;
  • If you don’t appear within 10 minutes the start will be off – car becomes dormant itself;
  • Only two remote starts can be done consecutively;
  • Function is unavailable once you’re inside the vehicle;
  • Sometimes it takes the app 20 seconds to execute your order.

Climate control – it’s my personal favourite. The system remembers the cabin temperature and restores it once you’re inside again. If you live in Canada or Alaska, you’ll especially enjoy automatic seat-heating, and rear window is defrosting.

Car condition – you can monitor what’s going on with tire pressure, mileage and see how much gasoline/charge you have left – neat!

Anti-theft – in case your wheels get stolen, it can be located via a satellite and even stopped from moving or slowed down if it’s chased by the police.

Navigation – aside for a GPS-supported map you can contact the OnStar support to request coordinates any time. Advisors are remarkably polite.

Remote lock/unlock – speaks for itself, requires a PIN.

Another thing I liked was the possibility to schedule the vehicle check-up with your favoured dealer.

Perhaps the only unpleasant thing is that the application consumes a considerable amount of mobile traffic. Be prepared to spend about 1.5-2 GB a month.

Ease of use

He got rid of that awful blue background in 2015, so now your eyes won’t get irritated while reading. The interface itself is pretty cool-looking, and mechanics are based mainly on swiping.

You get a number of categories to choose from: “Vehicle status”, “Map”, “Horn & Lights” etc. Small icons will instruct you what to do – for example, an icon of a mute trumpet in “Horn & Lights” clearly shows that you can make your ride give a noiseless light-show so you could finally spot it.


  • Great functionality;
  • It runs on Android mobile, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone;
  • Extremely easy-to-use.


  • It’s compatible with a GM cars only;
  • The apk download is free, but certain features are accessible only after you choose a specific payable plan;
  • Consumes a lot of traffic.


To sum it, the app is a must-have if you own a GM car. It’ll make life as a driver much easier, and it’s only a matter of time when you fall in love with the OnStar.

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