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Full Review of Sticky Notes + Widget – Something you may want to stick to is not an official representative or the developer of this application. Copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners

We all know that being successful requires:

  • Ambition;
  • Discipline;
  • Well organized work process.

Now take a look at your smartphone: it’s brimming with information regarding important events, pending reports, meetings, evening plans and so on and so forth. Ugh, doesn’t it give you slight vertigo? What can you do to not get buried alive under all that disorganized avalanche of info? Luckily there’s a solution – Sticky Notes + Widget designed by SYM coding.

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For: Android
Find it on: Google Play

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Become a critic

Basically, it’s an application designed with one merciful intention: to increase your productivity.
I’ve always thought of such apps as an unneeded luxury but I guess you can give it a try. After all, it may occupy some space of your device memory but at the same time, it’s a great preventive tool against forgetfulness.

The first thing you should do to avoid possible difficulties is to make a long tap on the free space of your mobile device home screen. A “widgets” category will show up – tap on it, choose Sticky Notes and drag it to any place of the home screen you like. That’s how you pin a note.

Creating sticker is a no-brainer. You hit the “+” button and voila. The text of your message to yourself can be either typed or handwritten – I’d recommend using a stylus for that purpose.

What I particularly like about this is how creative you can get with your stickers. Maybe it’s just me but I swear I had some Vietnam Microsoft Paint flashbacks.

You can do all types of manipulations with your sticker text:

  • Put it in the middle of a note;
  • Change colour – paint it red if it’s something urgent;
  • Outline it using the non-toll-free Pen Tool.

It’s possible to change the sticker backgrounds as well. Currently, you have classic yellow, blue, pink, grey and green background colours at your disposal but the app promises some more after you pay the ransom.

Another cool feature that deserves to be highlighted is the “holders”. Remember when you got an A for a school drawing, your parents would pin it to the fridge using a magnet? These cool and stylish holders look just like fridge magnets: a Nike shoe, a Coco-Cola logo etc. It looks quite cosy if you ask me.

After you have it pinned to your home screen, you can change the size of a sticker making it larger or smaller and also it can be rotated. But some essential features are missing.

First, it’d be extremely handy to be able to insert a picture into your sticker. Sometimes a bright image is worth a myriad of words. For example, a picture of a giraffe on your iPhone screen means “we’re going to the zoo today”.

Second, sticker notes are good for making lists – groceries etc. And once you’re done with one of the items – you cross it out. That’s the feature that Sticky Notes desperately misses and it should be added as soon as possible.

And also I award extra points for the absence of ads.

Ease of use

The only problem some of the users encounter while working with the Sticky Notes is putting a note on the home screen, but I already informed you how to do this.

Controls are smooth and intuitive. And the interface design is adorably cute. But still, it retains the business attitude, which prevents it from looking infantile and childish.


  • Runs on Android mobile devices and iOS gadgets;
  • Helps you organize info;
  • Ads-free;
  • The customer-support works finely.


  • Some nice features are payable;
  • Doesn’t have a “cross out” function;
  • If you protect your stickers with a password and then forget it, you’ll lose it 4ever.


A for the rest it’s a very useful application that will keep your plans for the day intact. So try it, why not?

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