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Google has been working vigorously and relentlessly at providing us with the most efficient tools for office work. Google Docs, Sheets and Slides software package designed for desktop computers has been a smashing success.

Does the Google Sheets mobile app live up to high expectations as well? Let’s give it a try.

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For: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
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Become a critic

I have an urge to inform you that this application is my all-time favorite. The reason for such devotion is that the app has an auto-save function which most of its competitors didn’t have back at the time when I first started using it. And they still don’t.

My previous device Lenovo S880 (no anti-ad intended) used to glitch from time to time, rebooting on its own. And if it happened when I was working in the Google Sheets, all the changes were in their places which prevented me from going into a hysterical fit.

Apart from auto-save, you get an impressively rich option set:

  • Google Drive synchronization – allows you to keep your spreadsheets in a cloud space storage plus grants you an ability to collaborate with other people. All the changes/commentaries are accessible in a real-time mode. You and your colleagues can have a long-distance brainstorm;
  • Spreadsheet generating – you can create them right in the app or even utilize ready-to-use templates kept in a special repository;
  • Formulas – this feature mimics the same function from Excel, assisting you with your calculations;
  • Formatting – a super-useful thing. It lets you adjust the visuals of your spreadsheet, including such elements as font sizes, colors, borders etc;
  • Printing – create physical copies just in a few taps.

Basically, this app is a “cousin” of Excel, with a slightly reduced functionality.

To start working in Google Sheets, you need to create a Google Account first. The good news is that you can operate the app even in an off-line mode. As for your colleagues – to make an invitation, you’ll need to type their names and Google Sheets will automatically find and welcome your new collaborators.

Ease of Use

Unfortunately, flaws are unavoidable, and Google Sheets app has its own.

First of all be warned: if you’re using an old device, manufactured circa 2011-2013 you’ll be tortured by occasional glitches because of the optimization problems. It gets especially buggy when you’re dealing with huge files.

Second, I have no idea why it happens, but sometimes the app refuses to let you log in, demonstrating a stubbornness of an old ox.

And third I’d personally be delighted to see an encryption function which allows you to have your documents safely secured by a password.


I personally love this design – it is simple and laconic. You have a miniature menu at the top of your display, and the rest of the space contains the actual infographics. However, experienced Excel users will need some time to get used to it.

Another annoying issue I’d like to complain about is that when you’re dealing with a spacious spreadsheet, viewing will become quite challenging. It’s due to the size of a mobile device screen. Thus tablet usage is way more preferable in this case.


The apk get is free. No extra tools are offered for an additional fee.


  • It’s great for collaborating;
  • It has an auto-save function;
  • It supports mainstream formats (XLS, XLSX etc.)


  • It’s less efficient than its PC version;
  • It has glitches;
  • Older devices are poorly compatible.


It is an amazing organizing tool both for business and personal life. 500 million gets is a jaw-dropping result. So get to the job with Google Sheets.

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