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Full Review of myAT&T – Pay Your TV-Bills While Sitting on the Couch is not an official representative or the developer of this application. Copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners

If you’re reading this, clearly you are an AT&T customer. Or maybe you are just planning to become one, thus joining an almost 170 million army of users.

This mega-corporation provides its services to almost a half of the entire American population. And the app has been got by every third customer of AT&T. Is it any good? Our little investigation will show.

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For: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
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They say the progress is driven by a human desire to get as much comfort as possible. The myAT&T application has been designed to pursue the same goal – to provide the company’s customers with maximum comfort and convenience.

Before using the application, you need to register your own AT&T online account. You can either go here:!/email-support/KM1232207 or create your personal ID right in the app.

Okay, now the core of myAT&T is to provide with such options as:

  • Choosing a plan with a fixated monthly payment. You can change it anytime as well as cancel it at all;
  • Paying your TV (including U-verse), home/wireless phone, Internet bills;
  • Monitoring how much data you have left to spend and receiving bill notifications;
  • Managing your AT&T account and modifying your subscription, removing/adding various services;
  • Shopping online for smartphones, tablets and other accessories;
  • Locating free Wi-Fi zones;
  • Receiving qualified assistance through a live chat and filing complaints;
  • Surprisingly the app doesn’t inform about the shows on air.

Ease of Use

Okay, now you’ve been enlightened about the app’s functionality. But how good is its performance? At risk of making a lousy double entendre (pun) I will borrow a quote from Warcraft and title this app the “Glitch King”.

First of all, myAT&T is slower than a lobotomized tortoise on heavy sedatives. It may take you up to 25-40 minutes to access one of its numerous services. And even if you’re lucky enough to do that the app may all of a sudden force you to log in again. Two or three times in a row (!)

Especially slow the process becomes when you try to access the information related to your personal account. As for the paying process – you’ll need to resort to the customer support’s help a couple of times. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but you actually have to beg AT&T to take your money.

Another issue I feel obligated to moan about is its “save password” function. Since losing your mobile phone is not a big challenge, your personal AT&T info may end up in evil hands. God forbid something similar happens to you but don’t be surprised to receive a sky-high AT&T bill.


The app’s design is surprisingly appealing – it has an intuitive interface and a smooth color palette. However gorgeous visuals come to waste regarding its monstrously bad functionality.


The app is totally free because no one in the sane mind would pay for it. Moreover, I haven’t noticed any ads, which is the only good thing about myAT&T.


  • It runs on both Android and iOS;
  • Notifies you when it’s time to pay your bill;
  • It’s free;
  • You can get a PDF of your expenditures/calls made.


  • Terribly glitchy;
  • It may charge you a mysterious extra payment by mistake;
  • Everything else.


I don’t know who worked on this application, but it looks like they totally neglected the quality assurance part. This app will waste your time and energy. It will make you lose your temper and belief in humanity.

Maybe those people who created it truly wanted to make your life easier but as you know the road to hell is paved with good intentions. So far it’s one of the worst apps in existence.

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