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PDF Viewer & Book Reader – A Bookworm’s Dream

Portable document Format a.k.a. PDF is something that almost anyone of us needs to utilize every now and then.

You can use it to make a business report, a recipe booklet, a handbook on medicinal plants or a presentation on the equestrian monuments in the Renaissance. Your opportunities are limitless in this context.

Currently, there are dozens of similar applications on the market, and Maple Media’s PDF Viewer & Book Reader managed to earn a sound reputation among mobile device users. So let’s see if it deserves to be on your gadget.

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For: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
Find it on: Google Play,  iTunes


At first, I thought that PDF Viewer & Book Reader was just another PDF-displaying app, of which there’s already an armada in the Google Play/App Store. But I was wrong – apart from PDF the application also supports:

  • DjVu;
  • FB2;
  • EPUB;
  • PowerPoint Presentations.

It’s a pretty impressive variety to be honest, considering that the older PDF-viewers almost never supported eBook formats in the past.

This application takes the mobile book reading to a new level – apart from a cornucopia of the supported formats the app offers you a considerable amount of customization options.

Some of them include:

  • Reading modes – it’s a tumbler that allows you to choose between Day/Night reading regimes. Once you switch it to the Night regime, the background turns black meanwhile letters turn white. I personally never liked the white letters/black pages combination though – it makes my eyes bleed hurt.
  • Sharing – you can send your PDFs either to a cloud storage service or to an actual person. For the latter purpose, there is compatibility with various messengers including Skype, Slack, WhatsApp, IMO, Telegram and others.
  • Searching – this app finds and adds all of the books on your gadget in supported formats automatically. The search bar will help you find an exact page or an excerpt from a book if you type at least one keyword.
  • Page customization – you can tweak contrast, change tint color of the pages, choose a single page mode, crop a page etc. And I gotta admit it does make reading more enjoyable.
  • Bookmarks – you’ll never forget where you left off.

However, I really missed a scanning option which grants you an opportunity to create your own PDFs. And I was surprised to know that Microsoft Word docs and txt. files aren’t supported for some reason.

Ease of Use

I have no complaints about how the app works. Although sometimes it needs to load a book you’ve successfully read before – it takes merely 2-3 seconds max and is not a big issue. The only nuisance is the loathsome ads – turn your connection off before reading.


The interface of the app is as smooth and intuitive as it’s eye-pleasing. It might sound inappropriately appetizing, but its red & white color palette reminds me of candy canes, strawberry ice-cream and Kool-Aid.

There are a few categories you can navigate through including “Books”, “Presentations”, “Recent Books’, “+More” and “Search Results”. The customization options are available whenever you open a file.


This adorable app is totally free which explains mortifying domination of ads. Also, there’s a store of other products designed by Maple Media – some of them are free, and some are not. However, it’s not a big deal since it‘s not trying to force you into trying/buying any of them.


  • Supports almost all the mainstream formats;
  • Has some impressive customization;
  • Looks neat.


  • Too many ads;
  • Doc. and txt. are not available;
  • Really lacks a scanning option.


PDF Viewer & Book Reader is one of the best eBook apps out there today. As an avid reader, I can assure you – it’s a bookworm’s paradise.

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