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Perhaps you have heard of the mind mapping. It’s a creative technique that allows you to keep both organized and structured.

Creative vision is a pretty elusive phenomenon – it’s always trying to escape from your brain like a little hummingbird. But fortunately, there’s SimpleMind Free to capture it for good and have it developed and polished.

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Basically, the app gives you an ability to create mental maps – visual structures somewhat similar to a branchy-tree or a spider web.

I enjoy this app because a) I’m a creative person myself b) its’ disarmingly simple to use. To initiate a kaleidoscope of exceptional thoughts and clever solutions you need to fixate the central topic first and then add to it the “child ideas”.

All of this can be done by simply tapping on the screen – there are no convoluted mechanics or complicated controls. The developers obviously understand how crucial it is to capture a sudden good idea within a second.

What I like about SimpleMind Free is that it’s… limitless. Yes, it is as infinite as the Universe itself! The layout on which you’ll be mapping your ideas is endless, and you can virtually put as many of them as only you are capable of generating.

Moreover, the authors did a marvellous job on customization – you can reshape or recolor the notes you make, you can choose various default patterns/layouts or arrange them manually.

There’s a sharing/export function as well, but you get it only when you are ready to part with your sweet monies. The payable Pro version allows you to save your mind maps in a PDF file and therefore send it to someone via e-mail/messenger. Or you can have it uploaded to a cloud storage service (Dropbox is one of them).

As for the notes – they are expandable/collapsible. They do not occupy too much space on your display and as a result do not become an obtrusive complicated eyesore.

The application has been in the game for over 8 years. The developers deserve to be acknowledged for quick responding and listening to the customers’ feedback. Oh, and did I say that it runs on Android mobile devices, iPad and iPhones?

Ease of use

Thankfully this app is glitch-free and doesn’t get frozen in the middle of a work process.

Your information doesn’t get lost mysteriously – just be careful and don’t delete a topic of your mind map by accident. It’s the only way to lose it. There’s an “undo” button, but it can be applied as long as you don’t switch to another mind map.

SimpleMind Free is compatible with Dropbox, Mega, WeTransfer and other similar services. If you decide to buy the Pro version – don’t worry about losing your previously created maps – they can be exported painlessly.


The design of the app is rather clean and calm. But who needs flamboyance when being engaged in a meditative state of creative thinking?

There’s just one single toolbar on the top of your display, but you won’t even have to resort to it often while creating your mind maps.

The mechanics of the app didn’t give me any discomfort – everything works seamlessly, and most of the job can be done through tapping only.


There are 2 versions: SimpleMind Free and Pro. The Pro version costs only $6, but it unlocks really needful features like mind map sharing. However, the developers claim it’s only a one-time payment, and they give a solemn oath never to try milking you again.


  • Intuitive and easy to master;
  • Awesome customization;
  • Has a free version.


  • Full functionality has to be paid for;
  • No in-built printing function;
  • Update releases are rare.


All in all, it’s an outstanding app that can boost your productivity greatly. It will add discipline to your creativity – they need each other so much.

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