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Managing Your Plans and Ideas with Evernote – Take Notes, Plan, Organize. Read The Review! is not an official representative or the developer of this application. Copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners

Do you prefer writing down everything you need to do rather than trying to remember it? I do! And there is a useful productivity app for staying organized called Evernote. It lets you save your ideas and plans throughout the day, manage them and have them on hand whenever you need them.

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With Evernote, you can note down any important information in various formats such as text, sketches, photos, audio, video, and some others. Personally, I prefer making to-do lists when it’s possible, and Evernote gives me such a wonderful opportunity to organize my plans in a way I like the most.

The app can be synchronized across several devices so you can start working with a note on your smartphone and continue to do so using a tablet. The other useful feature allows you to share your notes with others via a link that users can email, share on social media or with the help of other apps. As always, be cautious when sharing a note or a photo as this content will be accessible to other people.

Evernote is compatible with iOS-based as well as Android-based devices. It’s also supposed to work on Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, Chromebook, Nook HD, and some others, so you can get Evernote on pretty much any device.

Ease of Use

The Evernote app is pretty convenient, and I like how easy it is to use. However, I have faced some bugs and minor issues while using the app. For instance, after the latest update, I was unable to use a stylus for creating notes and was obliged to type them. And clipping doesn’t always work fine, although I don’t use this feature very often.

Also, keep in mind that there is always a slight chance of losing the stored information because of different kinds of bugs. As I’ve used Evernote for a week or so, I haven’t faced such issue yet, but I’ve read complaints about losing important notes. So, I would recommend you to back up important information so that it won’t be lost.


I find the Evernote design neat and stylish. More importantly, there is nothing in excess that would distract you from work or studies. Personally, I like the bright coloring of the app, although one may find it distractive and not serious enough for a productivity app. The interface is also intuitive and easy-to-use, so I believe you won’t have any problems getting used to it.


There is a premium version of the Evernote app as well as a free one. Obviously, a paid version gives you way more opportunities for more efficient work with your notes. For instance, the premium version lets you access your notes and notebooks offline, search inside Office docs and attachments, scan business cards, and so on.


  • Not only Evernote is easy-to-use, but it also has a nice design that puts you in a working spirit;
  • Saved notes are searchable which is extremely convenient;
  • The microphone feature relieves you from the necessity of typing your thoughts and ideas.


  • Some useful features are available only with the Evernote premium version;
  • Some bugs occur from time to time;
  • The search function doesn’t work so great when searching the text within images.


So, Evernote is a great organization tool that will help you to manage your plans, stay organized, take notes, and share them with others. It’s a useful productivity app for business, education, and even everyday life. No matter are you a student, a businessman, a freelancer, or an office employee – the Evernote app will probably come in handy!

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