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You might’ve encountered this problem before. You have a lot of online places to visit – PayPal, Facebook, Pinterest accounts – and every single one of them persistently demands a log-in/password combination.

To make logging-in less of a burden Keeper Password Manager has been created.  

So let’s see what it’s good for!

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The application has been developed to serve only one purpose – safely storing usernames and passwords.

You start off with entering your email and a long, convoluted master-password. It’s obligatory to make it complex – the app will angrily rebuff any attempt to make it elementary. You can also use fingerprint/facial recognition instead of the master-password if your mobile device has biometric identification.

The application automatically fills username/password fields, but you have to do it through the embedded browser of the app.

I personally liked the “Password Generator” feature – it’s ideal if you run out of creativity or simply get tired of coming with passwords for every website/service you’re using.

According to the official site, the app employs AES-256 which is an encryption standard adopted by the American government and secret services. Yes, your private info seems to be in good hands.

Additional functions I need to mention include:

  • Backing up your data in cloud space.
  • Syncing your gadget with a PC (only one).
  • Sharing passwords with people you are confident about.
  • “Emergency Access” – should something emergent happen, 5 people, you trust the most will have access to your information.
  • Record management – you can review the records you made and have them modified, reverted or deleted.

I forgot to mention that additional options are only available after you insert a coin. Synching to only one PC is kinda perplexing by the way. For instance, my all-time favourite app Last-Pass allows me to have synchronization with unlimited number devices.

Another puzzling thing is that a string of characters that your password is made of is always visible. What if someone seizes your phone and makes a photo of all the password combinations? Unacceptable.

Ease of Use

The application is intuitive and has smooth mechanics. To get things going, you need to tap on big “+” button and voila! You can create a new record for Amazon or an online bank account.

I really like that it’s totally glitch-free, although the ads in the free version are atrocious. In Pro version, however, the app will beg you to recommend it to your friends or buy another product developed by Keeper Security, Inc.

Well, at least it’s not blackmailing you, threatening to leak all of your log-ins/passwords if you disobey. It doesn’t so far.


It’s the only part of the app that I’m in no position to complain about. Both interface and ergonomics of the app are irreproachable. The icons are self-explanatory, so you won’t get confused while navigating through Keeper.

Colour palette is neutral, calm and dark which is perfect for a serious application. It’s not customizable, unfortunately.


The apk get is totally free, but the free version has severely limited functionality. To unlock more of the necessary options and banish the ads you’ll have to get an annual subscription for only $9.99.


  • Logging-in becomes simpler;
  • It has a CIA-grade AES-256 algorithm;
  • It’s pretty intuitive.


  • Very limited functionality;
  • It doesn’t hide passwords behind asterisks;
  • Annoying begging even in Pro version.


Keeper is good but not great. To be honest, I wouldn’t buy it because other similar apps have much more to offer for almost an identical fee.

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