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I love organizing everything I can, from my plans for the day to my goals for the following 10 years. If you’re anything like me, you probably will be interested in this productivity app, Sticky Note + , that lets you keep track of all tasks, plans, ideas, and whatever you prefer to write on sticky notes.

So, let’s take a closer look!

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For: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
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Become a critic

So, Sticky Note + is basically an app for making notes, and that is its main feature. You can choose the theme, the coloring, the font size, and the font style, but it’s still a note. Although one probably will enjoy choosing the perfect theme for a particular note. I’m not a big fan of styling such a simple thing as a note.

There are some pretty useful features that let you organize your notes. First off, you can add sticky note widget right to your Home Screen for it to remind you of your schedule. You can open and edit any note using this widget.

By the way, notes can be arranged by the time they were created or updated, as well as by the title. I’d like to sort them by the level of urgency, but there is no such opportunity available.

Also, you can create to-do lists which are the format I like the most. You may as well set a reminder to your notes not to miss important things.

You also can share your notes via email or SMS, although I haven’t used this option. More importantly, you can sync your notes with multiple devices as well as export the notes to an SD card.

Ease of Use

The app is rather clear and easy-to-use, although there are some flaws. First off, the syncing feature doesn’t work after the latest update, and I’ve seen people with the same problem in the review section on Google Play. This is pretty disappointing as I’m used to storing my notes on my phone and my tablet.

Also, I’ve read a review from someone who lost all their notes after reinstalling the app because of this issue. So, I would recommend you to back up your notes in order not to lose them.


I love the design of this app as it’s bright and colorful. The interface is also functional and neat. There are tabs for making notes, sorting them, and searching for a particular note. And the widgets on the Home Screen look very nice.


Some advanced features are paid, although the free version is pretty useful as well. And just in case, a friend of mine who was generous enough to buy the premium version told me that sometimes there are still ads popping up.


  • In my opinion, there are enough useful features to organize your plans and tasks;
  • You can add a sticky note widget right on the Home Screen;
  • There are lots of themes and colorings, and you also get to choose the font size, the font styling, etc.;
  • The cheerful and bright design.


  • Some useful features are paid;
  • The syncing feature may not work, especially after an update;
  • The app offers you to arrange notes in chronological order or by title, and I believe positioning them according to the level of urgency will be way more convenient.


So, this app is a good helper when it comes to organizing your agenda. I find it useful for anyone who is used to keep track of their plans and tasks. You may like the neat interface, the colorful design, and last but not the least, the helpful features of this app.

Let me remind you that the app has some flaws and it doesn’t always work perfectly, yet that is the common issue for many other apps. Anyway, you may benefit from using Sticky Note + if everything will go smoothly.

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