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Full Review of Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks – Be a Whiz-kid with Wunderlist is not an official representative or the developer of this application. Copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners

Do you have an awful lot of obligations, responsibilities and plans? Which you desperately need to keep track of, but the thought of being buried alive under an avalanche of sticky notes makes you panic?

Then 6 Wunderkinder’s Microsoft’s Wunderlist is your path to salvation. It’s a minimalistic yet extremely efficient tool for keeping your daily stuff glued together. It won’t let even the smallest details slip away from your attention.

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Become a critic

Wunderlist is a smart check-list you can have on your mobile device. I’m a huge, COLOSSAL fan of applications that help me keep my ideas organized because you know – human memory is as reliable as a chimpanzee employed as a lawyer in court.

Here’s what you can arrange with the app:

  • Grocery lists – from Arborio rice and apples to… whatever products start with Z.
  • Chores – it’s self-explanatory. Tedious but necessary.
  • TV-show programs/movies-to-watch lists – it won’t let you forget when a new episode of “Mr. Robot” is out and what you wanna watch next Friday’s night.
  • Travel list – put down what places you should see, what foods to savor, what hotels to stay at and what words to avoid using.

Moreover, Wunderlist allows you to create your own lists – “Science fair project”, “Home brewery construction”, “8 weeks work out plan” and so on and so forth.

All of your lists can be exported and shared with other people for collaboration, and you can also delegate assignments to other people. To make the lists more descriptive, you can illustrate them with pictures, PDFs/other documents, PowerPoint presentations, audio files etc.

Wunderlist has amazing synchronization with other devices including PCs, and their number is virtually unlimited.

I really missed customization options though. You know it wouldn’t hurt to have various (even getable) fonts, changeable background colors etc.

Another thing that’d make a marvelous addition would be cloud storage compatibility – unfortunately, none of it has been spotted so far in the app.

Among other things, Wunderlist has a wonderful reminder feature which politely tells you what should be done at the moment. I personally praise the creators for it, because sometimes I really do have a memory of a sieve.

Ease of use

The application is as intuitive as it is versatile. You have a number of list-categories, and each one of them unfolds when you tap on it. Once you do it, you’ll see brief instructions on what you should do next.

It’s not buggy, and its overall performance is excellent. This is German quality after all.


Design of the app has some outstanding austerity yet it remains very attractive. It consists roughly of two colors, although interface themes are changeable.

On the left you have a list of categories and on the right the actual to-do list with explanations and illustrations.

Truly they say that simplicity is a beauty.


The app is freemium. That means that all the features you want are available for free. However, once you disembowel your wallet and pay they become unlimited.

You can attach files of any size, have as many collaborators as you want and put an endless amount of extra subtasks for only $5 a month/$50 a year.

Oh and also you get customizable themes.


  • Collaboration is possible;
  • It has a good reminder;
  • It’s multiplatform.


  • A ton of ads;
  • Pro version doesn’t differ much;
  • No customization.


Wunderlist deserves its name – it is truly wonderful. It brings discipline to your life and serves as a splendid enhancement to your memory. Getting this to-do list must be on your to-do list.

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