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Voice Recorder with Caller ID Review. Your Reliable Automated Secretary is not an official representative or the developer of this application. Copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners

Have you ever received a phone call and forgotten everything you talked about a few moments after hanging up? This happens to me all the time especially if I have a very busy day. I end up forgetting to return an important phone call or complete a task I was requested to do. This mostly happens because I do not have a notebook to jot down all the important ones. Carrying a notebook is not an option for me because I end up losing it anyway. This is why I was excited to hear about Voice Recorder with Caller ID. Thanks to this app, I never have to worry about forgetting my phone conversations. I can use it to keep track of everything I need to remember. Find out why I love this app in this detailed review.

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This app has amazing features. First and foremost, the app has a caller ID. With this, you can tell who is calling you before you pick the call even if you do not have their contacts saved on your phone. This allows you to prevent wasting time on spam calls. The application also has a voice recorder which gives you a chance to make a quick voice note about your phone call as soon as you have hung up. In addition to this, you get to save contacts, send SMS and re-dial any number by just one simple click.

Voice Recorder with Caller ID is only compatible with Android 4.0.3 and up devices. This is sad because the app has many useful features I believe a lot of iOS users would also appreciate.

Ease of Use 

Voice Recorder with Caller ID is very beginner friendly. There is actually nothing complicated about this app. However, when it comes to performance, I have to say I am not impressed. I don’t like that you cannot continue recording when the app is set in the background. The app also has numerous ads that pop up when you are trying to save a recording or completing different tasks. However, the developers are committed to improving the app. They have made several enhancements. For instance, in the latest version, they have fixed bugs.


I love this app’s design. It has two colors: white and dark green which are not overwhelming in any way. The interface is simple and straightforward with only a few elements to choose from. This makes it perfect for individuals who are not tech savvy.


Voice Recorder with Caller ID is free. However, you will have to deal with a number of ads while using the free version. If the ads are too annoying, you have the option of upgrading to premium.


  • Quick and easy recording;
  • Simple interface;
  • It can identify spam calls.


  • Cannot record when set in the background;
  • It has numerous ads;
  • Not compatible with iOS devices.


Despite its shortcomings, Voice Recorder with Caller ID is a very useful app. I use it to make voice notes after phone calls and identify who is calling me before I pick. I like it, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an effective way to manage phone conversations and keep track of the important ones.

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