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The leading app promises to help you discover, find and explore Wikipedia knowledge. To deliver this, it offers a set of features that can help you perform a quick search through it to view featured and recommended articles, images and much more. Here’s a full review of the app.

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For: Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Find it on:  Google Play, iTunes

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With this app for all Android devices and iOS gadgets, I am assured of quick access to information. The Explore feed offers constantly-updating recommended Wikipedia content straight on my home screen. These include trending articles, current events, ‘this day in history’ events, and suggested reading. I also don’t need to type what I’m looking for since I can use the voice-integrated search feature. Interestingly, it’s possible for me to access information without any data charges. However, this is only for selected participating mobile operators.

Furthermore, it comes as an iOS and Android app. The iOS version works with iOS 10.3 and over, and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The Android version, on the other hand, varies with the specific device used.

Ease of Use

I like the iOS and Android mobile app since it’s quite easy to use – from the design to the features that are both simple to locate and employ. Another form of convenience offered by the app is the language support that allows me to seamlessly change the language of the article or switch my preferred search language. Notably, I used to get an error message whenever I tried to use the app, but it’s no longer there ever since I got the update. Fortunately, the latest version comes with bug fixes, and it also allows me so synchronize reading lists to my Wikipedia account.


The things I find most attractive about the iOS and Google Play app is the simple design and beautiful interface. I also like the color themes where I can choose from Black, Dark, and Light. Furthermore, I can customize the feed and select whatever content I would love to see or even reorganize the order in which all the content appears. Another convenient design attribute is that I can easily locate my search through the prominent search bar that’s at the top.


Another aspect I find attractive about is that I can get it for free. Additionally, you’ll still enjoy the great features and user experience without the expenses of in-app purchases as there are none offered.


  • It’s free to install;
  • No in-app purchases;
  • Allows for customization;
  • High-resolution imagery.


  • Other users report issues when signing up;
  • The ‘no internet’ bug is annoying;
  • Articles take long to search.


I find the knowledge tool to be a must-have if you are looking for an app that offers direct access to information. The fact that it has never crashed on me is also a plus. While it may have its setbacks here and there, I still like the features offered and I recommend it.

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