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Star Chart is an educational iOS and Android app that helps you learn about astronomy without hassles. With this product, the sky becomes a body of knowledge, every time presenting something new for your learning mind. Here’s a full review of the app.

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For: Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Find it on:  Google Play, iTunes

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Star Chart is an app for Android and iOS devices which gives you the chart of the night sky. You learn about all the stars and planets right where you are standing. It uses a powerful zoom to help you view every celestial body in details. This feature helps you have a 3D view of 88 constellations without paying a cent. Also, it is entirely configurable, which means you can view only the objects you are interested in with Star Chart.

Perhaps why it’s one of the most used astronomy tools is because you can have a dynamic device orientation view. You can view the sky from any angle, allowing you to change your viewing posture and release fatigue—you don’t have to stand all the time!

The app is compatible with both Android mobile and iOS gadgets. It requires iOS 7.0 or later and works with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The Android app, on the other hand, has no Android version requirement.

Ease of Use 

This iOS and Android app for education offers you the simplest and fastest way to learn about the solar system and other celestial bodies. With an easy-to-configure interface, you just specify what you want to see and proceed to view it. When I first used Star Chart, I didn’t know it had a zoom feature. I thought it was just meant for identifying celestial bodies and naming them. But when I knew I could view objects in 3D, my whole experience changed for the better.

This app is jam-packed with data and it used to lag while I was using outdated versions. But once I updated it, I resolved all the lags and got a premier viewing experience.

Its latest version fixes occasional crashes, especially when selecting constellations. It also now understands that Pluto has 5 moons as opposed to 4 moons in previous app versions.     


This app comes with a design that is straightforward and easy to navigate. Right from the home screen, you can configure it to give the view you want. It has so much information, and you would think it requires expertise to use, but no, it’s just a ‘touch and go’ kind of app. You input the information you want and point your device to the sky.


This is a free app, but it comes with several in-purchases for better user experience. These include Enhanced Messier Catalog, Comets, Satellites and Meteor Showers. Enhanced Messier Catalog is the most expensive and costs $9.99.  The rest cost $4.99 each.


  • Its free version works just fine;
  • Plenty of in-app purchases for enhancement;
  • The latest version fixes the 4-moon in Pluto error.


  • It can get buggy;
  • A long procedure of disabling notifications;
  • Sometimes you have to set your location manually when it refuses to use your GPS.


Star Chart comes with plenty of features. Even in its free version, the iOS and Google Android app is a leading educational tool that will make stargazing your hobby. For leisure and education, I highly recommend it.

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