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This iOS app is your go-to if you need the ideal scanning tool for quick scans and easy saving of digital versions of a document. It can scan any paper, from multi-page documents to receipts. Here’s a full review.

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For: Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Find it on:  Google Play, iTunes

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This leading application transforms your device into a portable scanner. Once you’ve scanned a document, you can share it via email, export it to photos, save it to your smartphone, print it, fax it, or upload it to online storage services. The app offers a fast and straightforward scanning process for documents and advanced image processing which lets you create quality documents from original pictures, signatures, and stamps. Additionally, it offers text recognition which helps convert scans into texts that can be copied.

The Workflow feature allows you to perform several sharing actions with ease and with just one tap. You can also use the Scan Radar to search for documents and photos in the photo library. Moreover, you can tap on the share button once you’ve scanned a document and send it via email, open in third-party applications, or export it to photos.

Unfortunately for Android users, this app is only available on the iOS platform (runs on iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone). You’ll need to have iOS 9.0 and over if you want to use Scanner Pro.

Ease of Use 

Scanner Pro is quite easy to use and offers excellent convenience. First of all, it’s straightforward, and capturing the images is as simple as taking a photograph. In fact, you don’t even need a single tap since the auto-capture function allows you to hover over the document. As you do this, the software figures by itself which part is a document and which is not. Additionally, it works well on my device, and never have I experienced any crashes or lags.

The latest version brings a handful of necessary fixes, the Dropbox sign-in bug being the most prominent one. Additionally, the update comes with stability improvements and crash fixes.


I believe it would be more convenient if the user interface were a bit easier to understand. Several times I found myself opening the app (with a little irritation) since I thought I figured a way of accomplishing things yet I didn’t. For instance, the overall document segment has several options at the bottom: Edit, Share and Add. There’s also another three-dot menu located at the top hand-side that has additional options including Show as Text, Delete Document, Edit with PDF Expert, and Set PDF Password. It would be better if the options were presented as one lineup.


Scanner Pro is not installed for free, and you’ll need to chuck out $3.99. It also comes with three in-app purchases including Fax units pack 1 ($0.99), Fax units pack 2 ($1.99) and Fax unit pack 5 ($4.99).


  • Re-editable scans;
  • Support for OneNote and OneDrive;
  • Scan Radar for identifying existing documents.


  • The app isn’t free;
  • Fax sharing requires the in-app purchases;
  • The occasional inaccuracy of the Scan Radar.


It’s hard to dislike this iOS app. It’s really convenient, from the design to the features. However, numerous other options are offering better functionality within the same price range such as ScanBot and Genius Scan. Therefore, there’s no absolute reason why you should go for this one over the rest. Basically, your choice will depend on your tastes and preferences. So I recommend that you try it out and see if it works for you.

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