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Office Lens – Photographic Memory on Your Device

Beyond any doubt, you’ve heard about mobile device applications that allow you to photograph/scan any types of physical documents. Such an app is especially helpful if you have to work with documents most of the time – college students, lawyers, soufflé chefs, long-distance couriers will understand...


Keeper Password Manager – For Your Eyes Only

You might’ve encountered this problem before. You have a lot of online places to visit – PayPal, Facebook, Pinterest accounts – and every single one of them persistently demands a log-in/password combination. To make logging-in less of a burden Keeper Password Manager has been created.   So...


Google Cloud Print App: Making Your Life Easier

In our seemingly wireless world, we still need to print some papers from time to time. If you’re a student like me or an office worker, you will probably find this Cloud Print app from Google pretty useful. [yasr_visitor_votes size="middle"] For: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android Find it...