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The app for Android devices has a simple name which reflects the nature of its role and functionality. With this call blocker, you can easily avoid the calls you don’t want without any hassle or need for any extra features. Here’s a full review of the app.

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This Google Play app rejects all unwanted calls automatically. The process is as easy as adding the annoying number to the blacklist and leaving the rest to the app. You can also add those that don’t need blocking to the whitelist while keeping a record of rejected number logs. The app has four block modes: Block Blacklist, Block Unknown (which blocks any number not in your contacts), Allow Whitelist (for blocking numbers missing in the whitelist) and Block All Calls.

The tool has no iOS version and is only available for Android.  

Ease of Use 

From the straightforward interface to the easy-to-manage lists, the leading call blocking tool comes out as quite convenient. Managing the blocked lists is simple, and transferring contacts from the different lists is a walk in the park. However, I don’t like that those I’ve blocked can still leave a voicemail message. Furthermore, I’d have preferred that the blocking is done silently in the background as opposed to the phone ringing whenever a blocked number is calling.

The latest version comes with several bug fixes and performance enhancements. Hopefully, the future updates should find solutions to the few setbacks. I wouldn’t mind paying for them.


The Google Android app uses a Material Design interface that is clean and convenient to allow you to quickly get a grip on your nuisance calls, thanks to the effective features that have been incorporated into the app. The interface is also quite straightforward, so you can be sure of a comfortable time setting up your blacklist and managing your calls.


Another attribute I find incredible about the app is that you can get it for free. Additionally, it has no in-app purchases, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on handy features because of the paywall.


  • It’s free to install;
  • Offers different blocking modes;
  • It keeps logs of blocked calls.


  • Blocked callers can still leave voicemail messages;
  • The phone still rings when a blocked number calls, instead of blocking it in the background;
  • A phone call from a blocked number disrupts my current call;
  • The app is only available for Android mobile devices.


Call Blocker is a reliable spam protection and call-blocking app on Google Play Store. The beneficial features and ease of use add to the list of attributes that make it a must-have. Notably, it has its setbacks, but they can be sorted out with regular updates by the developers. I like the app and would recommend it if unwanted calls are something you have to deal with on a regular basis.

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