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Fortnite Battle Royale quickly became one of the most popular games in the world with the biggest number of players. You need to stand against 99 trained soldiers or newbies like you, whose main goal to survive on the island and win the game. Find the deadliest weapons and attack first.

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For: Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. Upd: PC, PS4, Xbox One too!
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You jumped from a party-bus down on the beautiful island and now you have to survive there. There are up to 100 players in total, trying to do the same. The last standing character is a winner. No matter which strategy you use, there are still constant challenges you need to face every minute in the game.

Fortnite was created as a shooter that later evolved in a popular nowadays genre Battle Royale. It still keeps all these great shooting effects, amazing weapon, gear, and very realistic sound effects. As a battle royale Fortnite has a fascinating colorful island that is so fun to explore. Pay attention! The map is shrinking, according to the laws of the genre, so if you want to travel around the territories, try it at the beginning. A severe storm is coming, run to the center of the island like all your enemies.

Pay attention to another side of the game, its building options. If you want to create something rather than kill others, focus on building a fortress. There are numerous materials available to you. You can use almost everything you see. There are many small cities on the island, each has a different style you can get inspired by. Or you can use your building skills to fight your enemies. Build walls as protection from bullets, stairs you can climb and jump on your rival.


Mechanics of the game is not the hardest one. But there is no tutorial and skills are constantly evolving, which makes the learning process unstoppable. After some time you find the learning process very rewarding. Controls in mobile version of this game are not bad at all. Just a little bit slower.

It is harder to play on mobile than using keyboard, but you may lower down the sensitivity of your touch screen to 0.60. It will make your navigation through the game, like running and shooting much easier. But if you are mastering your building skills, leave the Sensitivity as it was.


Attractive design is what really catches attention the first time you see this game. And it does not disappoint you no matter how long you stay in Fortnite. Developers paid attention to every detail on the background, making the atmosphere unusually realistic, considering you are falling from a flying bus into an exotic island.

In-game purchases

While the game is free to play, there are still options you may want to pay for. For example, you can spend $10 to buy access to a hundred rewards which will unlock during the game, after you complete challenges.

The most popular item to buy is skin. Developers of the game make it so attractive, it is hard to resist and not to add it to your own collection. You can still use the one that is free. There are also emotes, pickaxes and gliders to buy. Most all of these offers are inexpensive. Prices start from $ 3 for a basic package and to $15-20 for some unique collections.


  • Brilliantly combines shooting and building modes
  • The colorful design of the game
  • Multitasking


  • Your unexpected death can make you want to break your phone
  • Building mode can be annoying


Fortnite Battle Royale is a masterpiece among other games. It offers you new fascinating world unlimited by conventionalities of one specific genre. You can become an ace in shooting or building, or you may master your strategy around outliving other players, hiding and waiting till you become the last hero alive.

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