POD as a Simple Way to Get Rid of Procrastination Productivity is essential in any business and activity. The statistic proves that an average person is distracted during the first 11 minutes into a task, and it takes her about 25 minutes to restart. That is too much. If you face such problem and cannot improve your efficiency, you can apply Quicks... Continue reading Better Solution for an Open Space I understand that open space in an office is a convenient plan for the premises when every meter matters. This format provides nice conditions for fast communication and interaction between employees. But for me, it is not convenient when you need it to be quiet and private. You get distracted becau... Continue reading iOS 13 and iPadOS: Download to Try As for me, I’m not fond of beta versions made for testing. Though it can be rather interesting to find yourself among a limited number of users who are the first ones to try the software before its final release. This contribution can be compared with a researcher’s conclusion important... Continue reading Facebook Turns Away from Huawei. Oy Vey? The sanctions by Trump administration upon Hussein resulted in consequential moves by American companies. One of the most thunderous was the Facebook statement that the company will not provide its app to Huawei anymore. Let’s not panic and see what it means for the consumers. Facebook and... Continue reading Apple Ecosystem Evolution Presented at WWDC: Not Just That Display Stand The announces have been spoken, the slides shown, the betas uploaded, the jokes inspired. But what were the most essential promises made by Apple at WWDC 2019? Let’s take a closer look. And let’s start with the most controversial item presented in there. Mac Pro Provides 6K Screen and... Continue reading