The Right Music Will Inspire You with the New Streaming Service It’s no secret that most of us love working to the music. But it inevitably distracts us from the body of work, especially if you really like it. People search for ways to avoid it: some prefer music so familiar that it goes unnoticed, some prefer instrumental music or vocal in unfamiliar lang... Continue reading More Better Emoji for iPhone: the Best Emoji Apps It’s truly wonderful how the idea of emoji changes the way we communicate. Created to express emotions that we all share around the globe, these smiling or sad little faces started the wave of picturizing anything that can be drawn. Dishware and food, flowers and gestures, transport and countr... Continue reading Five Do’s and Don’ts to Achieve More The sand of time is one of the most poetic and the saddest metaphors ever. We think we’re sifting the moments of golden inspiration, but the sand slips through our fingers, and so much is left undone. Can we avoid it? Yes, we can, if we resist some of the strongest temptations of the working d... Continue reading Facebook Turns Away from Huawei. Oy Vey? The sanctions by Trump administration upon Hussein resulted in consequential moves by American companies. One of the most thunderous was the Facebook statement that the company will not provide its app to Huawei anymore. Let’s not panic and see what it means for the consumers. Facebook and... Continue reading Apple Ecosystem Evolution Presented at WWDC: Not Just That Display Stand The announces have been spoken, the slides shown, the betas uploaded, the jokes inspired. But what were the most essential promises made by Apple at WWDC 2019? Let’s take a closer look. And let’s start with the most controversial item presented in there. Mac Pro Provides 6K Screen and... Continue reading